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Buddy Miller -- Your Love and Other Lies (Hightone).   Steve Earle called this the best country record of the 90's -- he should've waited for Buddy's next two albums, because they're just as good, if not better.  This record came out in 1995 and was Buddy's first for the indie Hightone label.  It kicks off with Buddy and Lucinda Williams wailing "You wrecked up my heart with your careless love!" -- and the guest list just gets better, with Gurf Morlix, Emmylou Harris, Jim Lauderdale, and Buddy's wonderful singer/songwriter wife Julie Miller all pitching in.  The music created by this group is exceptionally well-crafted and, at times, understated.  Buddy's voice is soulful and wrenching, especially on Julie's haunting "Don't Listen to the Wind."  The poignant "Watching Amy Dance" tells a heartbreaking story of regret of a father who longs for the company of his daughter.  The song's message resounds ("It all adds up to nothing / in this world of cheap romance / and I'd trade it all for one short hour / of watching Amy dance").  Buddy is a romantic, and he doesn't stray far from the examination of the fascinating dynamic between adult men and women -- with a strong dash of optimism, which isn't surprising if you know anything about his charming wife, Julie.  In the "Sometimes the good guys finish first" column, the song "Hole in My Head", written by Buddy and Jim Lauderdale, was recorded last year by none other than the Dixie Chicks.  It's good to know that Buddy's getting some of that Nashville money, and props to the Chicks for their song selection!  Buddy's three Hightone records are must-haves for any serious collector of this music.  -TRS

Track listing:

1. You Wrecked Up My Heart
2. Don't Listen to the Wind
3. That's How I Got to Memphis
4. I'm Pretending
5. Through the Eyes of a Broken Heart
6. I Don't Mean Maybe
7. Hold on My Love
8. Hole in My Head
9. Watching Amy Dance
10. I Can't Slow Down
11. My Love Will Follow You
12. You're Running Wild
13. A Girl Like You

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