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Paul Burch & the WPA Ballclub -- Pan-American Flash (Checkered Past).   As the story goes, Paul Burch was playing drums for Greg Garing in Robert's Western Wear in Nashville on "Lower Broad" when a voice from the crowd offered the band $25 for every Hank Williams tune they could play.  Garing and crew rang up a bill of over $600 before they were through for none other than Garth-impersonator-extraordinaire John Michael Montgomery, who sheepishly paid them what he could within the limits of his 2 a.m. ATM run.  One could argue that Montgomery needed this ass-whippin' lesson in real country music, and what well-informed teachers he had on that night.  Paul Burch, who makes his home in Nashville, also plays with Kurt Wagner's avant-country ensemble Lambchop (vibraphone, of all things).  This is Burch's first solo effort with fine support from Paul Niehaus (lap steel), Jason Carter (fiddle; Del McCoury Band), and another Lambchop classmate, Deanna Varagona helping on vocals.  All songs on this disc are Burch originals and sound as if they fell out of Jimmie Rodgers' suitcase -- as classic as pure gold.  Burch sings with a tenor-twang full of sawdust and a wisecracking smile.  A true original who wears the stylish clothes of his forefathers with ease and good fortune.  A timeless, joyous solo debut.  -TRS

Track listing:

1. Monterey (3:01)
2. Losers Way to Get Along (3:17)
3. Living, Forgiving (3:41)
4. 13 Nights (3:09)
5. Born to Wait (3:31)
6. Sage Advice (4:34)
7. Your Red Wagon (3:33)
8. Jackson, TN (2:37)
9. Sundown is a Lonesome Time (3:54)
10. Harpers Ferry Blues (4:04)
11. I'm Your Daddy Now (2:43)
12. Baby I Ain't Gotta Do That No More (3:04)
13. Down Hill and Shady (4:04)

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