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Paul Burch & the WPA Ballclub -- Wire to Wire (Checkered Past).  Burch's follow-up picks up where Pan-American Flash left off, with some changes in his Ballclub's lineup (Niehaus and Varagona remain).  Although there's no drastic change in the sound, this effort sounds richer, more developed and broader.  It begins with the reveille of a banjo, bringing the racehorses to the line.  As if love were the Kentucky Derby and he's the favorite thoroughbred, Burch boasts: "And when they bring the winner roses, honey, every stem is coming home with us."  "Rosa Lee" could be a metaphor for his adopted hometown of Nashville.  As Burch rings his vibes in the background, he sings to his wayward girl: "You changed your name, turned your back on tradition / You want love without condition / Your clothes, they fit your frame / But your money won't make a monkey out of me, Rosa Lee."  And how about this image for a bad-tempered woman: "You got a temper like seven bees free from a jar chasing me down the road in my own car!"  No sophomore slump for this purveyor of simple, honest wisdom and classic country.  -TRS

Track listing:

1. Winner's Circle (3:20)
2. Drifting Texas Sand (2:43)
3. Rosa Lee (4:14)
4. I Am Here (2:47)
5. Borrowed and Broke (3:53)
6. Percy Lynn's Run (4:09)
7. Some of These Days (2:35)
8. Ring the Bell (5:15)
9. I Turned a Corner (2:34)
10. This Time Next Year (2:47)
11. When You Go Wrong (2:59)
12. Disciple (3:06)
13. Walking to McCourey (2:59)
14. Long Tall Glass of Water (3:16)

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