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Johnny Dowd -- Pictures From Life's Other Side (Koch).  When Johnny Dowd crawled out of the basement with his homemade Wrong Side of Memphis in 1997, he rattled a lot of cages and impressed a lot of folks.  This time around he's on Koch records and he's got a bigger budget, a larger canvas, and a bigger more muscular sound to his tortured and twisted tales from "life's other side".  Read:  The DARK side.  Dowd's music falls in the darker corners of Tom Waits and Hank Williams -- odd and ugly, but frighteningly familiar.  Dowd's topics range from a botched suicide that has left a man paralyzed and locked in his damaged cage, to infatuation and stalking of a "schoolgirl".  This music ain't for everyone, but fans of Tom Waits will feel right at home: challenged and chilled to the bone.  Top Ten of 1999 Award Winner  -TRS.

Track listing:

1. A Picture from Life's Other Side (3:17)
2. Worried Mind (4:28)
3. Ballad of Lonnie Wolf (3:33)
4. Hope You Don't Mind (2:51)
5. God Created Woman (3:48)
6. Blood Evidence (0:45)
7. The Girl Who Made Me Sick (5:34)
8. Greasy Hands (1:14)
9. Vietnam (3:17)
10. Just Because (2:49)
11. No Woman's Flesh But Hers (4:17)
12. Bad Memories (2:58)
13. Mystery Woman (4:40)
14. Butcher's Son (4:41)
15. Wish I'd Been Honest (2:25)

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