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The Flatirons -- Prayer Bones (Checkered Past).  Lead singer Wendy Pate has a classic voice – hard to pin down, but it sounds smoky, full, and heavy – at once wounded but ready to put up one last, desperate fight.  The music is sparse, restrained and haunted, like the soundtrack for a shadowy alley leading nowhere in particular – perfectly suited to showcase Pates amazing vocals.  Country music?  Mostly.  Hard to describe?  Yes.  They do get the award for weirdest, most unlikely cover song:  Ozzy Osbourne’s "Crazy Train" which is one of the cd’s few upbeat cuts.  Elsewhere, Pate sings "Blame your grandfathers, or anyone else, but you got here all by yourself" and the effect is devastating – you’re indicted, convicted, and sentenced before you can even catch your breath.  Top Ten of 1999 Award Winner  -TRS.

Track listing:

1. Heaven Help You (4:25)
2. Wildfire (4:53)
3. New Pair of Shoes (4:10)
4. So Lonesome (3:46)
5. Bad Seeds (3:19)
6. By Yourself (3:37)
7. Devil Lives in Dallas (4:28)
8. High Lonesome Moon (4:03)
9. Nothing (2:58)
10. Three Crosses (3:26)
11. Hearts on Fire (4:34)
12. Crazy Train (3:46)
13. Lullaby (4:08)

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