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Jim Lauderdale with Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys -- I Feel Like Singing Today (Rebel).  This is a fine bluegrass collaboration between stalwart Jim Lauderdale and bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys.  Lauderdale is a great songwriter, but his contributions to this disc go way beyond that -- his soft country-gentleman voice is the perfect foil for Mr. Stanley's weathered moan, especially on the stirring a cappella gospel number "Like Him".  If you're looking for peerless bluegrass picking, singing, and fiddling this is a great place to go -- a nice bookend to the Earle/McCoury collaboration at the top of this list.  Never mind those critics who say Lauderdale doesn't have the chops to do this sort of music -- his spirit makes up for any vocal shortcomings that a purist might detect.  Top Ten of 1999 Award Winner -TRS.

Track listing:

1. I Feel Like Singing Today (2:08)
2. You'll Find Here Name Written There (3:04)
3. Maple on the Hill (2:35)
4. Fly, Lovebird Fly (2:21)
5. Joy, Joy, Joy (2:23)
6. Like Him (2:48)
7. I Wish Today Could Be Tomorrow (2:00)
8. Another Sinner's Prayer (2:15)
9. Highway Through My Home (2:07)
10. What About You (3:07)
11. This World Is Not My Home (2:00)
12. Harbor of Love (2:35)
13. I Will Wait For You (3:07)
14. Who Will Sing For Me (2:24)
15. Who Thought the Railroad Wouldn't Last (1:59)

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