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LET IT TWANG! New Releases     


Billboard magazine, as you probably know, sucks for a lot of different reasons.  One of my favorite reasons to cite as proof of its unparalleled suckage is the fact that as the industry's most influential magazine, it can't even manage to compile an accurate list of "New Releases" by genre without the help of little ol' Ice magazine.  Now that Ice has taken its top secret new release stuff off the free web site (for the most part), Billboard's "New Release" section has fallen by the wayside (for the most part).  That's why, as one of our New Year's resolutions, we've decided to abandon both of these rags and rely on the good folks at Miles of Music for our new release information.  Miles is THE BEST online retailer of all thangs twang, and you should make a concerted effort to support them as much as possible.  -TRS

March 27, 2001

Oh Susanna - Sleepy Little Sailor [domestic release on Catamount Co. label]

2001 New Stuff Already Released

National Dust - Utopia
Old 97's - Satellite Rides
The Silos - Laser Beam Next Door
The Sadies - Tremendous Efforts
Steve Forbert - Young Guitar Days
Tim Easton - Truth About Us
Dolly Parton - Little Sparrow [Bluegrass album]
The Honeydogs - Here's Luck
Johnny Dowd - Temporary Shelter
Bare Jr. - Brainwasher
Rodney Crowell - Houston Kid
Greg Hawks - Fools Paradise
The Bellyachers - Bottoms Up
Solid for Sixty - Secret of Magnets
Split Lip Rayfield - Never Make It Home
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Everything's Fine
The Spanic Boys - Torture
Justin Trevino - Traveling Singing Man
The Rosenbergs - Mission: You
Blue Mountain - Roots
The Mary Janes - Flame [ex-Vulgar Boatmen]
The Volebeats - Mosquito Spiral

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