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Uncle Tupelo -- No Depression (Rockville).  This highly-influential album struck a chord in the rock underworld -- melding punk aggression with country twang, this album not only kicked off the band's stellar and all-too-brief career, but it also spawned an entire new genre of music and a magazine to keep track of it (NO DEPRESSION).  The title comes from an old Carter Family tune.  -TRS

Track listing:

1. Graveyard Shift (4:43)
2. That Year (2:59)
3. Before I Break (2:48)
4. No Depression (2:20)
5. Factory Belt (3:13)
6. Whiskey Bottle (4:46)
7. Outdone (2:48)
8. Train (3:19)
9. Life Worth Livin' (3:32)
10. Flatness (2:58)
11. So Called Friend (3:12)
12. Screen Door (2:42)
13. John Hardy (2:21)

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