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Uncle Tupelo -- Still Feel Gone (Rockville).  Tupelo's follow-up album showcases more direct, mature songwriting and the band's attempts to reconcile rock and country -- but this ain't the pastoral fields of Gram Parson's lazy-country-hippie folk rock; it's the loud, steamy blast furnace where Sid Vicious is armwrestling Jimmie Rodgers, and Sid is losing.  Jay Farrar's aching balladry absolutely glows on "Still Be Around" ("when this puzzle is figured out will you still be around?").  -TRS

Track listing:

1. Gun (3:40)
2. Looking for a Way Out (3:40)
3. Fall Down Easy (3:08)
4. Nothing (2:16)
5. Still Be Around (2:44)
6. Watch Me Fall (2:12)
7. Punch Drunk (2:43)
8. Postcard (3:38)
9. D. Boon (2:32)
10. True to Life (2:22)
11. Cold Shoulder (3:15)
12. Discarded (2:42)
13. If That's Alright (3:12)

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