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Uncle Tupelo -- Anodyne (Sire/Reprise).  Oddly enough, the move to a major label proved to be a great catalyst in the band's attempts to resolve its rock and country influences -- this is their best album by far, with neither the country nor the rock taking center stage -- rather, a tight blend of both, and certainly worthy of the influence the band has wrought.  Tweedy's loping "New Madrid" says it all ("all my daydreams are disasters / she's the one I think I love").  Doug Sahm guests on "Give Back the Key to My Heart."  Tupelo broke up after this album, and Tweedy and Farrar went on to form their own bands: Wilco and Son Volt, respectively.  -TRS

Track listing:

1. Slate (3:24)
2. Acuff-Rose (2:35)
3. The Long Cut (3:20)
4. Give Back the Key to My Heart (3:26)
5. Chickamauga (3:42)
6. New Madrid (3:31)
7. Anodyne (4:50)
8. We've Been Had (3:26)
9. Fifteen Keys (3:25)
10. High Water (4:14)
11. No Sense in Lovin' (3:46)
12. Steal The Crumbs (3:38)

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